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> > Scottsdale residents got a shock at the start of their morning commute when they found
> > what seems to be human bones lying in the road on Sage Drive.
> >
> > Crime scene technicians arrived within half an hour and began to sweep the scene for
> > more evidence that might help identify this human victim, or at least establish an
> > approximate time of death. Police spokesman Daniel Swift said bone evidence alone
> > isn't usually enough to determine identity or even cause of death.
> >
> > "These remains didn't just appear in the road. They were moved here," Swift said.
> > "Therefore we're asking any witnesses to contact the police with information that might
> > pertain to what happened." No other evidence was found along Sage street or in yards
> > of neighboring homes. More on this story as it develops.
> >
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> Whoever you are, whatever you are,
> Fuck you. I may not know you, but I can tell what this is,
> and I'm not fooled. Your venus fly-trap game won't work.
> I'll make damn sure to warn Jenny and others, too. So,
> nice try, but no one is falling for your bait this time.
> It stops here.