from: "Condry, Mark"
date: Monday, September 13, 2004 8:22 AM
subject: re: a plan


Thanks again for calling. I got your email as well, and it mentions a few things we didn’t discuss over the phone, so I want to add a comment or two.

> What I remember was what Travis told us, that time he
> went to pick up Drew and had to go up to his room to get
> him. This was the last time Drew gamed with us. Travis
> went upstairs to his room and the kid was pacing back and
> forth by his bed. Everything was all neat and tucked in,
> but the carpet was worn in a line where Drew was pacing.
> Like it’s all he did.

Yes! I remember this too. And the way Travis told the story, like he wanted it to sound funny but he didn’t believe it was. And Dave laughed. He said “Man that dude’s a broken record” and we all agreed. Nodding and chuckling. Fuck, we all just let it go at that. Like it was easier to write him off.

But Travis was the last one to laugh. He’d seen that room with his own eyes.

> go, I really would, but Connie got sick last night, and she’s
> still throwing up this morning, and I don’t feel right leaving
> town with her like this.

Understandable. You stay there. I’ll continue to email you on this thing. I can’t really talk about Drew with Jenny. She never knew him. She doesn’t get why this is so disturbing, outside of the horror that took place in Boise. That’s why I keep writing you. Nobody else gets it.

Hey, maybe I’ll somehow find Travis or Dave while I’m in town.

- M